Promod Esports was approached by RPM as a broadcast & technology partner for the integration ofthe Captain Morgan brand in gaming. The project aim was to produce, in conjunction with WiFi Wars, an interactive game show “Who’s the Captain Now?” from a studio environment. Over the course of a year, we delivered an innovative, interactive and scalable game show that was initially broadcasted to several pubs all over the UK and later quickly reacted to the global pandemic, integrating live production studio production and remote influencers in order to deliver an authentic experience for the audience and genuine brand engagement.


Broadcast Production, Technical Solution Provider, Consultancy

“Who’s the Captain Now?” was part of a multitier brand activation campaign from Diageo. With RPMs lead over the project, Promod Esports and Wifi Wars worked together to produce the innovative, interactive and scalable game show all over the UK. While the first iteration of the show included a studio live broadcast with the iconic show hosts and Wifi Wars creators – Steve McNeil and Rob Sedgebeer, where several pubs joined and competed in the show remotely.


With plans to extend this offering to more pubs and scale the number of people participating, we were forced to quickly adapt due to the new COVID-19 regulations, to a different model, where people would team up based on their region and play from the comfort of their houses.


The show continued to evolve and the next iteration would include influencers joining remotely from their homes, while participants had to join one of the influencers team. In order to guarantee the influencers connection throughout the broadcast, Promod Esports developed a Influencer Tech Kit, which deployed a portable broadcast and internet redundancy solution that was shipped to each influencer.



EFG Premiership 2020-Present