In 2020, Promod proudly partnered with Ubisoft to conceptualise, organise, and execute the inaugural United Kingdom and Ireland Nationals (UKIN) for Rainbow Six Siege. Our aim was to establish a long-lasting league featuring two main seasons per year. In 2022, we expanded our partnership to include the Nordic Championships (NC) and the newly created Northern Premier League (NPL), with the UK & Irish Nationals and Nordic Championships serving as direct feeders to the NPL. This exciting development fostered healthy inter-regional rivalry and elevated the competitive offerings for both regions. 2022 also marked the return of a LAN finals for the NPL, the first time in the region for Rainbow 6 Siege since the COVID-19 outbreak. At Promod, our primary focus remains on delivering exceptional player experiences. By fostering a welcoming community atmosphere, we ensure teams are progressing as they navigate the competitive landscape and aim for the future within the R6S ecosystem.


Full scale product & project management, tournament operation, LAN final integration into ecosystem with full tech setup, marketing, content creation, player management, full broadcast solutions and delivery, creating and delivering on sponsorship obligations for our partners, Xpression comprehensive real time stats with gfx, talent acquisition and management, travel & accommodation, ecosystem development

“Promod have delivered another excellent season of the Rainbow Six Siege UK and Ireland Nationals. Ubisoft strives to ensure a high-quality broadcast for fans and a great player experience for all participants in all its tournaments, Promod has been an excellent partner for achieving this throughout the year” – Ash Attwater, Ubisoft, about Promod’s work on UKIN 2022