Riot Games


Promod has been granted the licence by Riot Games to operate the VALORANT Regional League Northern Europe: Polaris for three years! This has given us the platform to build a fully accessible semi-pro tournament as part of the official VALORANT ecosystem from the ground up, focussing on a sustainable model and keeping the community and teams at the forefront of our plans. We have wrapped on the first two years of Polaris, and there have been epic matchups and incredible plays throughout. In the first year, the playoff action from both splits was broadcast from our live studio. The epic virtual set brought the broadcasts to life and allowed for a sleek exhibition of the Polaris brand. Both remote and on site production teams worked hard to bring smooth viewing to the fans watching at home. With a change of tack the culmination of the second year of Polaris we brought the top teams to a LAN Playoffs at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Shoreditch, London. Providing the players with valuable LAN experience, in front of a live audience and the pressure to perform. Creating a brilliant atmosphere for players and audience alike. Over the years we have had multiple successful brand partnerships, enabling brands to directly market to this young highly engaged audience. Working with partners that aligned with our values and were as excited as we were to bring the VALORANT Polaris action to fans.


Full service esports ecosystem management, brand ideation, broadcast solutions and delivery, creating and delivering on sponsorship obligations for our partners, talent acquisition and management, flexible workflow to allow for both remote broadcast and live studio playoffs, LAN playoffs, green screen studio



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