Riot Games


Promod has been granted the licence by Riot Games to operate the VALORANT grassroots Regional Circuit for Northern Europe. We were also tasked by Riot Games to develop the brand and positioning, this resulted in the amazing Beacon. Our goal was to create a highly inclusive ecosystem for VALORANT players of all skill levels and backgrounds. We collaborated with communities, teams, and other tournament organisers to design a variety of events across the region, from community and minor events to major tournaments. Helping to lower the barriers to participation and give teams the chance to experience their first steps on their VALORANT competitive journey. One split per year also sees the opportunity for qualification to VALORANT Challengers Northern Europe: Polaris. Helping to provide a clear progression pathway for players and teams to move from grassroots into amateur and semi pro. In the first year, over 120 teams competed across 17 circuit events. 1.8million impressions and 31,200 live views are testament to the hard work and dedication from all involved and the support from the VALORANT community. As the competitive scene for VALORANT continues to grow, we are proud to have ideated and managed the tier 3 Northern European regional circuit, providing a fully accessible grassroots introduction to competitive play.


Full service esports tournament creation, brand ideation, full broadcast solutions and delivery, flexible workflow for remote broadcast, creating and delivering on sponsorship obligations for our partners, talent acquisition and management, grassroots ecosystem development



Paco Rabanne’s The Phantom Open